About me

Myself and my logo that my art is known for, which is a portrait of the norse goddess sol.


Welcome to my website Anetteprs Illustrations, short for my name - Anette Pirso. I’m a self-taught illustrator from Estonia, and I have been focused on the divine feminine topic since 2020. 

It has always been my dream to make a living with art, and I am eternally grateful that my dream has become a reality. What makes it so much more fulfilling is that I can spread the stories of goddesses, whose stories are often overshadowed by their male counterparts, and through that help people connect to the divine feminine within themselves. My aim is to make the viewer feel something when they see my art, and through that making them more keen on reading and educating themselves about the given deity/topic. Only by learning and passing on what we know can we hope to keep stories alive. Cultural preservation through visual story-telling has become my goal, especially the topics that relate to the feminine aspect of life, history and mythology. 

Why female divinities? I noticed how there was a lack of representation of female divinities in the arts, or a female religious symbol altogether. The only representations I could find were highly sexualized and more focused on the physical aspects. In addition to that, almost all goddesses were either something to do with warefare or fertility. There was very little coverage of other, just as important, goddesses. Even the ones that were represented were only represented by their one aspect, mostly again to do with their physical attributes. For example, Athena, the Greek goddess of warfare, was mostly represented with armor that looked like lingerie. There was no mention to her other attributes such as wisdom. My goal is to bring all aspects of these deities to the forefront, to show them as a whole. My art suits both adults and children who wish to learn more about these important deities in history, who have been venerated throughout time by those who came before us. Their stories provide an insight to the life of people who have long since passed, and what they considered important. They’re more than just deities to be venerated, they are our connection to the past. Their stories are full of wisdom, and I hope to keep that alive through my visual story-telling.

Since 2020, I have gotten many opportunities to illustrate for books, companies, and even be fortunate enough to have been invited to give a lecture about my work at an international festival called Castlefest (2023). 

The community that has grown from this endeavor has become the most beautiful and fulfilling experience in my life that keeps on giving. I create because of the constant inspiration, love and support I receive from this community. 

I am very open to collaborations, suggestions of illustrations and anything else you might like to discuss! Please feel free to reach out to me with your ideas at anetteprs@gmail.com should you wish!

Thank you very much for stopping here to read more about my work. I hope that you find something here that speaks to the divine in you.