1. How long does it take for me to get my order? 

Orders take around 3-5 business days to create, package, and be shipped out. After that, we hand it over to our local courier service called Omniva/Estonian Post, from which it should take 15-30 business days to arrive. Please note that if you want your order to arrive faster (within 2-6 business days), you can choose ‘Express shipping’ at check-out. 

2. Is there a tracking number for my order? 

If your order was sent with standard shipping, there is a tracking number but it often stops updating tracking information once it leaves Estonia. This is because Omiva (our local courier service) only ships it to the border. After the plane lands in your country, it will be picked up by your local courier service. Unfortunately we have no way of identifying which one that is. You can however reach out to our support, and ask for a tracking number anyway, since then you can contact your local post office to ask for more information. For that, please email support@anetteprs.com 

3. I wrote an email, when can I expect a response? 

Please keep in mind that this is a small business ran by one person. I try my best to answer you as quickly as possible, but it might take between 1-4 days. Please be sure that you email support@anetteprs.com, not any other email address. Thank you for your patience!

4. Why is there added tax at checkout if I’m from the EU?

As of July 2021, the European Union implemented new VAT rules for online sales to create a more unified ecommerce market. These rules affect how VAT is charged and reported when businesses like ours sell goods to customers in other EU countries.

Here’s how it affects your purchase:

  1. EU-Wide Rules: When you buy products online from any EU country, including Estonia where we are based, the VAT rate of your own country applies if the seller exceeds a certain sales threshold across the EU.
  2. One Stop Shop (OSS) System: To simplify the process, businesses now use a system called the One Stop Shop (OSS). This allows us to charge you the VAT rate specific to your country and then report and pay this tax to our local tax authorities, which in turn, distribute it to your country.
  3. Why Your Country’s VAT Rate is Charged: Under these new EU regulations, we are required to charge the VAT rate of the customer’s country of residence once our total sales exceed €10,000 annually across the EU. This is why you see a charge for VAT based on the rate set by your country, rather than Estonia’s rate.
  4. No Extra Costs: It’s important to note that this doesn't result in additional costs to you. The total amount remains the same as it would if you were shopping in your home country.

5. An item arrived damaged, how do I proceed?

Please send an email to support@anetteprs.com along with a photo of the damages, so that we could help you further! 

6. Do you offer wholesale prices?

Yes absolutely! Please email me at anetteprs@gmail.com (business inquiries only) specifying the item(s) and quantity you are looking to purchase!