Hecate Ornament
Hecate Ornament
Hecate Ornament
Hecate Ornament
Hecate Ornament
Hecate Ornament
Hecate Ornament

Hecate Ornament

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This goddess miniature is great for either home decor, your car, bag, keychain, garden etc. The possibilities are endless!

NOW 100% waterproof! 

Comes with removable hemp cord, so you can use it right away or remove as you wish! 

Size: 10cm

Material: Eco plant-based resin

Attributes: Comes with rope to use for hanging the ornament, 3D ornament, so it looks good on any side!

Made in Estonia by me and my brother. By purchasing this ornament, you are not only getting a beautiful decor item, but also supporting a family run business!

Want more than one? Please check for the bundle deal under the Ornaments section on my website!


Hekate is Queen of the Night, Goddess of Witchcraft, and among the rulers of Spirit World. She is the Queen of the Crossroads: Hekate patrols the frontier between life and death. She serves as an intermediary between spirits and humans. She owns the ultimate skeleton key: the key that unlocks the gates to all realms.

Although now most associated with Greek mythology, her name, meaning “influence from afar” acknowledges Hekate’s foreign origins. She may have originated in what is now Georgia on the Black Sea, home of Medea, her most famous devotee and priestess. (Hecuba, Queen of Troy, is another well-known devotee.) At one time, Hekate was chief deity of Caria, now in western Turkey. The Greeks knew her as a Titan’s daughter and as the confidante and handmaiden of Persephone, Queen of the Dead.

Hekate is a goddess of life, death, regeneration, and magic. She rules wisdom, choices, expiation, victory, vengeance, and travel. She is the witness to every crime.

  • She is invoked for justice, especially for sexual crimes against women and girls.

  • Hekate is invoked when justice is not forthcoming from other channels.

  • Hekate has the power to grant or deny any mortal’s wish.

  • She may be invoked for protection for dogs and from dogs.

  • Hekate is petitioned for fertility, especially for female children.

  • She brings victory in battle.

  • Hekate may be invoked for healing, especially if medical solutions have failed.

  • She may be petitioned for swift, painless death.

  • Hekate can banish ghosts (or produce a ghost infestation).

Hekate is an exceptionally powerful spirit. The Theogony of Hesiod describes Hekate as honored by Zeus above all others. According tomyth, Hekate once served as an Angelas, a messenger for the other deities. She stole Hera’s beauty salve to give to her rival, Europa. Hera, enraged, pursued Hekate, who fled first to the bed of a woman in childbirth, then to a funeral procession, and finally to Lake Acheron in Hades where she was cleansed by the Cabeiri. Hekate emerged more powerful than ever, a goddess of birth, death, and purification. She rules passages between realms of life and death and is thus invoked by necromancers.

Hekate is renowned for her expertise with plants and her knowledge of their magical and healing powers. A famed magical garden was attached to her temple in Colchis on the Black Sea, now in modern Georgia. Some scholars suggest that an ancient Greek women’s guild, under the divine matronage of Hekate, once had responsibility for gathering and storing visionary, hallucinatory, and poisonous plants. The same word in Greek indicates “pharmacist”, “poisoner”, and “witch.”

Hekate typically responds to petitions via visions and dreams. If lost at a crossroads, literal or metaphoric, invoke her name and then pay attention to signs from her. She can be a shadowy, oblique goddess: her response may be subtle. Look for her animals: snakes, dragons, cats, and especially dogs.